Volume 16 | How Matter Comes to Matter through Transversal Practice: Matter, Ecology and Relationality.

Studies in Material Thinking (SMT) Auckland University of Technology is calling for submissions to a special volume of research articles to be published late 2016, in collaboration with the organisers of Transversal Practices: Matter, Ecology and Relationality, the sixth Conference on New Materialisms and the ISCH COST Action New Materialism: Networking Scholarship on ‘How Matter Comes to Matter.’

Researchers in all fields are increasingly seeking engagements across disciplines using multiple conceptual and methodological frameworks. This transversal activity affects the way in which creative research practices evolve. We are increasingly networked with other practices, exposed to broader realms of knowledge and faced with expectations arising from pervasive ecological concerns and technological complexity.

This post-conference volume is aligned with the original conference stimulus. We are interested in research and research practice that addresses the two conference questions:

• How do transversal practices work and how can we account for or conceptualise them?
• What kinds of methodology do they necessitate, or call for?

We encourage critical approaches that transversally cross the following: collectivity, corporeality/incorporeality, materiality/immateriality, Indigeneity, individual/group subjectivity, knowledge-production/onto-epistemologies, language, temporality, transdisciplinarity, processes of making art/philosophy/ activism, and the three Ss—spatiality, sociality and the sensorium.

SMT 17 is open to innovative format options. We would like to encourage contributions that explore experimental, innovative ways of communicating the value and significance of speculative, pedagogical or applied design thinking. In particular we welcome film/video documentation of processes and image cycles used in a positive, active, discursive manner. We would like to produce a post-conference on-line volume that values and supports researchers, artists, designers and design educators to explore a strongly visual form of argumentation.

Co-editorial team: Prof Estelle Barrett, A/Prof Barbara Bolt, A/Prof Nancy De Freitas, Dr Kaisa Kontturi and Dr Laura Woodward.

Submission Process:
• Conference dates: 27–29 September 2015
• Volume Editors for SMT 17 invite all those who presented at the conference during 27–29 September 2015 to submit revised drafts of their conference presentations with visual and graphic material included by 1st March 2016
• Peer review, revisions and preparation of final drafts: March 2016 – August 2016
• Copy-editing and final formatting: September - October 2016
• Expected publication date: November/December 2016

Submission Guidelines (Style Guide and Template): https://www.materialthinking.org/submission-guides-and-electronic-form

How to Submit your Paper: Please do not submit papers via the SMT website. All submissions for this special volume to be emailed to [email protected]

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Studies in Material Thinking, ISSN 1177-6234
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