Volume 10 | The Art of Research

The Art of Research: Connecting making & understanding

Studies in Material Thinking and the conference committee for The Art of Research IV, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture are pleased to announce a post-conference partnership publication - a collection of invited research papers. The aim of this volume is to further the contemporary discourse regarding notions of practice-led research and to discover how contemporary practitioners bring into play the relationship between their art and design practices and the emergence of new knowledge.

Understanding this association is critical to our representation and critical evaluation of design and artistic practices. It is also important in the development of appropriate methods for communicating salient aspects of artistic knowledge production and exchange. This volume is an opportunity to extend and critique methodological approaches and research-creation orientations that have developed around the notion of practice-led research. It is an opportunity to assert the particular material thinking language that we speak.

SMT 10 is open to innovative format options. We would like to have the opportunity to work with submissions using images in a positive, active, discursive manner and to assist artists and researchers to explore a strongly visual form of argumentation.

SMT 10 submission and publication process:
1. An invitation to publish in the special collaborative volume will be communicated to authors after the conference < DELAYED >.
2. Final drafts, adapted and formatted for publication will be expected in August 2013.
3. The completed volume is expected to be on-line in November 2013.

Nancy de Freitas, Editor-in-Chief
Studies in Material Thinking
[email protected]