Volume 9 | Inside Making

Inside Making: making, materiality and knowledge in creative research.

Studies in Material Thinking (SMT) in collaboration with Making: an International Conference on Materiality and Knowledge, and in association with NordFo, the Nordic research network, is collaborating on a special volume of research articles that will be published in June 2013.

This SMT 10 volume is particularly interested in the active and creative aspect of the word Making, which is the central focus and key conceptual frame of the conference. Knowledge generated and acquired in designing, making, crafting and refining processes is referred to as knowledge production. New knowledge of this kind is quite difficult to communicate and evaluate outside of the actual making process and the experience of making. The tacit knowledge inherent in visual and performing arts processes, as well as many design processes, has been the subject of much debate over the last decade. Material thinking processes are difficult to define; yet these aspects of knowledge production are critical ingredients in art and design disciplines.

SMT 10 welcomes submissions from practitioners and thinkers working in all areas of art, design, architecture and performance where attention to making and materiality plays a key role in the creative production. Creative, cultural, educational or social perspectives are all relevant.

SMT 10 is open to innovative format options. We would like to encourage contributions that explore experimental, innovative ways of communicating the value and significance of craft or research led practices in art and design. We would like to produce a post-conference on-line volume that values and supports artists and researchers who are exploring a strongly visual form of argumentation.

Editors to have all papers read by 15 February.
Selected papers sent to reviewers mid to late February.
Reviewers to return their comments by 27 March at the latest.
Authors have the months of April/May to make changes and return their final drafts.
Copy-editing and final formatting will take place during June/July.
Upload in early August.

Nancy de Freitas
Studies in Material Thinking