Anne Louise Bang

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Dr. Anne Louise Bang is Associate Professor at the Design School Kolding in Denmark. She earned her PhD in 2011 with the thesis Emotional Value of Applied Textiles – Dialogue-oriented and participatory approaches to textile design. Her PhD-research was focused on tools suited for dialogue between diverse groups of people around sensuous and experiential aspects of textiles/materials. This work has continued in several projects, i.e. Creative Designing as Outcome of Interaction in Multicultural Organizations (2010-2014), Design2Network (2013-2015), and the Design for Change project (2013-present), which has given Anne Louise the opportunity to combine her interest in dialogue tools with an emerging interest in sustainability issues. In her teaching Anne Louise is interested in ways in which practice and theory can feed into each other. Here dynamic research sketching and design experiments play a major role. She teaches at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD-level, in i.e. Weaving, Design Methodology, Design Methods, Basics in Constructive Design Research and individual supervision in design projects. For more, see: