Jondi Keane

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Jondi Keane is an arts practitioner, critical thinker and senior lecturer at Deakin University. Over the last 27 years he has exhibited and performed in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. His research interests include embodiment & embodied cognition, the philosophy of perception, experimental architecture, research design & practice-led research. Recent creative projects include the READING ROOM exhibition (2008), collaborative installation-performances Tuning Fork: Shopfront (2008), Tuning Fork: Drill Hall (Critical Path, Sydney 2009) and was in residence at the Senselab (dir. Erin Manning, University of Concordia) during June-July 2011. He has published in a range of journals including Interfaces, Ecological Psychology, and Janus Head, with book chapters in Holland, Smith and Stivale (eds) (2009) Gilles Deleuze: Image and Text (Continuum), Lecercle and Kral (eds) (2010) Architecture and Philosophy- New Perspectives on the Work of Arakawa & Madeline Gins (Rodopi) and Barrett and Bolt (eds) Carnal Knowledge: New Materialism and the Arts (forthcoming 2012 from I. B. Tauris). In 2010, he co-organized an international online conference on the work of Arakawa and Gins and is co-editing a special issue of Inflexions journal (forthcoming 2012).

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal