Leah Heiss

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Leah Heiss is a Melbourne-based artist and designer whose practice is located at the nexus of art, design and science—utilising advanced technologies to develop potent human scale projects. Her process is deeply collaborative—working with experts from nanotechnology through to fashion design. The outcomes include therapeutic jewellery and electronic garments through to hand-held devices and large scale installations. Her Diabetes Jewellery, developed in collaboration with Nanotechnology Victoria, received wide international media exposure and was featured on Australian television, radio, and in print. Leah has extensive knowledge of next-generation materials and processes and an arts practice approach to the making of work, particularly an emphasis on communicating work through exhibition and discussion in the public realm. Her research, practice and teaching are transdisciplinary and her work has been exhibited and presented both locally and globally. Leah holds a Masters of Design from SIAL and lectures through Interior Design at RMIT University, Melbourne.