Lisa Munnelly

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Institute of Design for Industry and Environment
College of Creative Arts
Massey University
[email protected]

Lisa Munnelly is a Wellington based practitioner and lecturer at the College of Creative Arts, Massey University. Her MFA thesis The Aesthetics of Immersion (2003) was a reflective examination of the multiplicity of dialogues engaged through her drawing practice. Lisa has continued to explore the generative and performative potential of both mark and media through exhibiting her drawing and video works, most recently in her solo show Slowburner at the Hirschfeld Gallery in Wellington (2010). Internationally she has shown at Draft in Melbourne (2010), Satellite 06 Shanghai (2006); through conference presentations: Drawing Out Melbourne (2010), International Performance Design Symposium Rome (2006) and through a published chapter: 'Drawing upon the Aesthetics of Immersion' in the book Performance Design (2008).

Papers submitted to the Studies in Material Thinking Journal