Volume 03

Material Thinking as Document

This is a volume of text selections extracted from thesis submissions. Each stands independently as a material thinking orientation. Vaughan (K) comments on the work of Zbarcea and Reid. Jervis comments on the work of Roche. Vaughan (L) and Akama reflect collaboratively on Akama’s work. Scrivener and Ings reflect in conversation about Ings’ work. Each reflective analysis is followed by the selected text/s on which it comments, identified thus ↳.

The volume is designed to be of particular interest to thesis supervisors and students involved in postgraduate art and design research where candidates are usually engaged in multiple intellectual/creative processes as they work towards a construction of new knowledge. Processes may include the production of material artefacts, critical and explanatory texts and digital documentation artefacts as well. Written work always takes on a particular relationship with the material practice as the two aspects evolve together or in sequence. Written texts may at times serve, in a supportive way, the evolution of the studio work/design or at times it may intersect in a more active, influential way. Material thinking emerges from these cross-overs and intersections. For a full explanation of the concept for this volume, refer to the Editorial.